In-Home Sessions:
Experience the benefits of a personalized Pilates session in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office! Each 1-hour session will integrate portable equipment and props into the classical Pilates Mat repertoire, focusing on the fundamentals of the Pilates Method while giving the client a fun, creative, and personalized workout! Available as Privates or Duets.

Studio Sessions:
The ideal way to experience the Pilates Method! With the full collection of Pilates Equipment as your playground, your body will be supported, challenged, strengthened, and lengthened in no time! Each 1-hour session will integrate a combination of classical apparatus that may include: Reformer, Chair, Cadillac, and Barrels for an intense and personalized workout! Available as Privates or Duets.

Mat Classes:
A 1-hour group session that focuses on the cornerstone of Joseph Pilates' work: the "floor routine". This mat-based workout utilizes the client's own body weight to supply resistance and challenge the "core". Classes emphasize the foundational principals of the Pilates Method while offering modifications to suit each client's individual needs.

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About Antonette

Antonette discovered Pilates through her professional dance career, finding the practice an ideal way to keep her body strong, balanced, and injury free. In 2011, she received her Mat & Comprehensive Pilates Certifications through Core Pilates NYC, and started up her Private Training business in New York City. Her approach to the Pilates Method is classical, holistic, and rooted in the anatomy of movement. She brings her 30+ years of dance training, discipline, and understanding of the body to a teaching style that is precise, passionate, and nurturing. She believes that with dedication & concentration, Pilates can strengthen, energize, heal, tone, and lengthen your body from the inside out!

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About Pilates

What Is Pilates?
Pilates is a philosophy of movement developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th Century. It restores balance to the body, and conditions and strengthens the underlying musculature (especially the deep muscles of the abdomen and spine) while enhancing flexibility through stretching and breath.


What Are The Benefits Of Pilates?
*Healthy Spine *Longer, Leaner Muscles *Increased Flexibility & Strength *Better Balance & Coordination *Increased Mind-Body Connection *Strong & Stable CORE/Center *Improved Posture *Uniformly Developed Body *Increased Range of Motion *Improved Bone Density & Joint Health *Reduced Back/Neck/Joint Pain *Increased Body Awareness.... and the list goes on!


Is Pilates For Me?
Pilates is for everyone! The Pilates system challenges stronger bodies, rehabilitates injured bodies, and improves and develops strength in bodies that are not yet strong. No matter your age, strength or condition, Pilates is an intelligent, functional exercise for lifelong well-being.

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